Turkish Dubbing

Dubbing is our main service. Our name Seslendirme Evi means House of Overdubbing in English. In this house we are making all sound recording and post applications. 

  Our Voiceover Artists

Our Talents are EuroFIA member and professional voice artists. They all dubbed many featured artists on feature films and series. We do not accept Jr. talents to our cast, only professionals and experienced voices.

  Dubbing Foreign Language

We also offer foreign languages for our clients, English, German, Arabic etc. You can listen and pick voice demos from our Voice Search Engine!

  IVR - Voice Message

We are also provide cast for your On Hold message recordings. Turkey's biggest brands choose us for their IVR Announcements and directional voices on phone as Sinpaş GYO, Vakıf Emeklilik, Sigortam.net etc..

  Corporate Film Dubbing

For your long corporate advertorial films we provide dubbing cast and recording, mixing, mastering services. Also you can ask for royalty-free musics for your films.

  TV & Radio Ads Dubbing

For your TVC & RC productions you can pick a voice talent then we can give your product with music at background embedded in video with sound fx mixed and mastered for all sound standards (EU, AES, USA etc.) 

  Animation Dubbing

For your character animated project we can provide voice cast for you, and a voice director for the recordings. Whole project can be mixed by M&E's that you provide or re-recorded by us for your final product. 

  Lip Sync

It does not matter in which language is your project. Our experienced talents and engineers are make lip syncs perfect. There is always problems with the length of words in different languages. But our talents always have words in their pocket to maki it perfect.  

  E-Learning Dubbing

Also for the longest projects we offer best prices including recording and editing fees with voice talents. We are keeping it clear and fast. Clients are happy as Turkish Airlines, QNB Finansbank, Defacto and etc.